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29 June

Call for Special Issue

Equally important was the fact that the ushering of the new Tonse Alliance government provided a new wave of hope that the new regime would translate the campaign rhetoric of championing a transformational leadership in order to “clear the rubble” and “broken system”. On 28th June 2022, the Tonse Alliance government will have clocked exactly 2 years in office. The purpose of this special issue is therefore to critically reflect on the state of democracy, governance, and politics in Malawi within 2 years of Tonse Alliance at the helm.

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CSos have recently appluded the President over his remarks on the corruption matters in the country. The President has with immediate effect put on hold his delegations to the VP over corruption allegations sorrounding him. Among other on the same list are Police inspector, PPDA director and others.

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27 June

Corruption grows by 50%

In the recent years we have seen a rise in corruption cases involving government officials in our country. In a research conducted by PSA Malawi it has shown that 85% of the government officials are the master minders of such actions. The recent news of the list of those involved in a scandlous act of corruption proves this fact.

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30 Jun

Is Tonse Alliance delivering?

Many people are now caught in suspence of wheather the Tonse led Government is delivering and honoring the promises they made during the campaign. In a recent research conducted by Afrobarometer, it has clearly shown that 36% of Malawians dont have a clear answer to the question where as the remaining percentage think that there is nothing tangible being done to showcase and cement their campaign promises.

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